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    Can’t Get Enough of That Oversized Shirt


    Have you ever seen a garment and knew it was made to be in your wardrobe? It suits perfectly with your style, the color fits you, and the silhouette is ideal for your body shape. However, that item doesn't stand on a shop window but is worn by a casual stranger on the street. What will you do?…

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  • Classy, girly outfit, white ribbon shirt, blue jeans, heels

    Classy But Girly

    For the days when "I have nothing to wear" I always reach for a white shirt. And as this often happens to me, my closet is full of such shirts.…

  • Fashion

    Color Drop

    With the beginning of September, I officially put an end to the summer, and although I'm going to be on the beach next week, I've already started filling the wardrobe…

  • Fashion

    Add some color to your winter

    Winter is not my favorite season. Everything is dark and gray and picking out an outfit can be a challenge. I am thankful for the oversized sweaters and warm scarves that…