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Classy But Girly


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For the days when “I have nothing to wear” I always reach for a white shirt. And as this often happens to me, my closet is full of such shirts. I really like the combination of white shirt and blue jeans, because it fits for any occasion. I am in a hurry for the office – a white shirt and blue jeans. Last minute call for going out – white shirt and blue jeans. Sunday walk – white shirt and blue jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that boring in my choice of clothes, I just have a lot of white shirts, really, a lot. And sometimes, I have no time or I just can’t choose a wow-outfit, but I still want to look stylish.

I do not know why I need so many white shirts and people are constantly asking me why I have like ten identical shirts. But they are not the same guys! One is with puff sleeves, the other has a black ribbon on the collar, I own one oversized and one skinny, one long and one cropped. Among my favorite shirts in recent months is the one on the below photos which came directly from Ipsy‘s wardrobe. It’s custom made by her mother, and I’m super happy that no one owns the same shirt. It’s one and only! I love it because it makes every classic outfit playful and girly. I am adding only a bold color bag as an accent and I’m ready to go out.

елегантен момичешки аутфит, бяла риза с панделки, сини дънки, обувки на висок ток