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Oversized Sweater

    Add some color to your winter


    Winter is not my favorite season. Everything is dark and gray and picking out an outfit can be a challenge. I am thankful for the oversized sweaters and warm scarves that save me in the cold winter days. And why not add some brightness to the boring winter clothing?…

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  • Lifestyle

    3 Ways Blogging Changed My Life

    When I first started Sugar Foxy over two years ago, I had no idea what an important part of my life would become and how much it would change me.…

  • Fashion

    It’s not a drink it’s a hug

    I do not understand those who do not like coffee. I can't survive a single day without it. People who know me know that in the morning they should not talk…

  • Shopping

    Winter Wishlist

    1. Camel Coat The camel coat is a must-have for this season. 2. Oversized Sweater The oversized sweater looks good with jeans, trousers and even with a pencil skirt. 3. Leather…