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    Can’t Get Enough of That Oversized Shirt


    Have you ever seen a garment and knew it was made to be in your wardrobe? It suits perfectly with your style, the color fits you, and the silhouette is ideal for your body shape. However, that item doesn't stand on a shop window but is worn by a casual stranger on the street. What will you do?…

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  • ara Autumn Winter Outfit Yellow Sweater Plaid Midi Skirt

    Sunshine And Plaids

    Many people associate winter fashion with darker or neutral colors, but I really can't dress like this because there is eternal summer in me. Just because the weather outside is…

  • Floral Dress Autumn Outfit

    Fall In Florals

    When it comes to outfits, autumn is my favorite time of year. The variety of different temperatures within just one day gives me the opportunity to use my imagination and…

  • Lifestyle

    3 Ways Blogging Changed My Life

    When I first started Sugar Foxy over two years ago, I had no idea what an important part of my life would become and how much it would change me.…