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    Mondays & Rain Boots


    Finally, it's sunny outside! I fell 3 times for the last week when I was trying to get to the office, walking on ice, jumping over snow piles, and trying to sidestep the sidewalks with safety tapes without being hit by a car. I really hope March will be more friendly to me.…

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  • Fashion


    I had the weirdest week ever! Usually, I am one of the lucky ones, but after these days every pessimist could envy me.…

  • Fashion

    Let it snow – Not

    This is not a snowy-winter-blog-post! I am not gonna lie how much I love winter and how beautiful and white it is outside. I don't love winter.…

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    It’s not a drink it’s a hug

    I do not understand those who do not like coffee. I can't survive a single day without it. People who know me know that in the morning they should not talk…