How to walk gracefully in high heels


Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!” Personally, as soon as I hear this quote, I instantly imagine a pair of killer high heels. But what happens if you do not know how to walk in heels? Well, it will be hard for you to conquer anything when you’re hardly walking. The truth is that we can all learn to look elegant and graceful even with the highest heels. Here are a few tricks that will help you achieve it:

1. From heel to toe

When wearing flats, the easiest way is to step on the whole foot. But things are not exactly the same when you are wearing high heels. In this case, you should step first with the heel followed by your toes. So your walk will look much more natural.

1. Small steps

If you’re wearing heels, the distance between the single steps is shorter, so you have to make more steps to walk the same distance. You don’t have to walk like a geisha with small baby steps, but don’t walk as usual with big steps.

3. Straight line
When you want to draw a straight line, you have to look at the endpoint, not the pencil. The same goes for walking in high heels. If you want your walk to look elegantly, look in the direction you are going, not your feet. 
4. The perfect shoes

If the shoes are not suitable for your foot, it makes walking almost impossible. Don’t buy shoes that do not fit. If you still make a compromise with the size and your shoes are slightly big, put on an additional insole. If they are smaller (but not too much), take them to a cobbler who will stretch them.

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