How I take care of my face + Braun Face 830 Review

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To be honest, I was neglecting the face care lately, and I am a little ashamed of that. As a result, imperfections became more and more visible, and my skin got a faded and grayish tan. I covered the blemishes with a lot of makeup, but as you know, this is not a solution to the problem, and it often makes it worse. One morning I looked in the mirror and realized I need to create a daily routine for proper skin care.

The face is the first thing we remember when we meet someone. Proper skin care is a lifesaver if you care about how you look. Poor skin care habits make it more susceptible to infections, and this can cause many problems such as rashes and acne.

Braun Face 830 joined me in the battle against the blemishes. I can’t hide my love for all Braun products. I already told you about the Braun Silk Epil 9 epilator, which I adore, so it is no surprise that I am using again a Braun product.

The cleansing brush is an absolute joy and makes my skin smooth and shiny. I’ve never used a cleansing brush before. Usually, I use my hands for washing my face – just apply the cleaning product with my fingers and then wash it. It turns out, however, that using a brush is much easier and more efficient. I just put a small amount of the cleaning face product and the brush does the rest of the work.I like the fact that the brush can move both ways, which makes it easier to use. The result is perfectly clean skin. There are still some blemishes on my skin but I definitely see a difference after a few days of using the brush.

Braun Face 830 comes with facial epilator too. I’ll admit that the fine hairs above my top lip and between my brows are driving me crazy. I remove them with wax strips but my skin is too sensitive so I end up with some small and very unpleasant pimples. I am glad I found a product that solved this problem. The slim head of the mini epilator has 10 micro openings and is working with 200 plucking motions per second. That makes it is 2000 times more efficient and faster than manual tweezing. It is a little bit painful, but the result is really worth it. The set comes with an elegant little mirror with led light.

* Product is given to me for a test, but the opinion is entirely mine


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