DIY Pompom Sandals


Summer may be over, but I keep looking at the sandals on the shop displays. I even managed to take advantage of the discounts and got some great models. This season the pompom sandals are super popular. No wonder why. They make every outfit look bohemian and add color even to the most boring clothes.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my size in stores, and this time I didn’t take the risk of online shopping. So I decided to do it myself. It doesn’t look too complicated, and I’ll have some fun while I’m working on it. Psychologists say this kind of activities are very helpful against the stress, and I definitely need it.

The materials I need are pompons (of course), tassels, braid, ribbon, metal rings, fasteners, pliers, and glue. You can add other decorations if you want.

You can see the process of transforming the old sandals into new and modern ones in the photos below.

I started with attaching the ribbon to the sandals. Be careful with the glue because it is very difficult to clean, especially when you cover all your fingers with it. After the long and annoying cleaning of the glue from my hands, I took up the pumping of the pompons. You can be more creative here and combine the colors as you like. I decorated with colored beads and metal pendants, and for the final, I tied the tassels at the end of the ties.

If you are not into doing this:

  • AnSanDi
    August 16th, 2016 at 04:46 PM

    Love it!