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    Cherries And Stripes


    August is like an afternoon of the year, some people say. That summer passed under the sign of the thunderstorm and it slipped through my fingers. That's why I decided this month to catch up on the previous two months. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen that since the beginning of the month I am on the beach, drinking cocktails or out for an evening walk.…

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  • Fashion

    Flower Power

    Do you have friends you unplanned match your outfits with? In my life, this friend is Theresa. In case you don't know, she is the one who usually shoots me…

  • Fashion

    Cotton Candy

    I am turning 30 years old today. I don't feel that age at all, this is why in that blog post I will not see considerations for the last few…

  • Fashion

    All About Stripes

    When I was 17 years old, I read in a magazine that the horizontal stripes add extra volume and make us look not so skinny. Since then I love them…

  • Fashion

    Goodbye Summer

    How much did we wait for summer, but it passed away only for a moment. No matter how warm September will be, the sad feeling remains that summer is gone and…