Summer is Freedom


This post is also available in: Bulgarian

The feeling of freedom is one of the main reasons I love summer. In the summer I barely wear makeup, the sun is painting on my skin instead. Well, this year I had a bad experience with the sun, which instead of makeup painted a mustache on my face, but I’m not angry. We must forgive the mistakes of those we love. Along with this line of thinking, does anyone know how to bleach dark spots on my face?

In the summertime, clothing becomes light and comfy. I love wearing feeric, see-through, wind-blown clothes. And I always wear such ultra wide leg trousers although I had a bad experience with them once also. I’m a bit clumsy, so I once stumbled on my trousers, fell on the street, and I was injured for weeks. But anyways, they are so comfortable and perfect when the weather is so hot.

In resume, summer is freedom. The summer is freckles, wind in the hair and the sound of sea waves. And summer is when friends agree to take photos of you on the hottest day. With a phone camera, because who can carry a heavy DSLR on such a hot day.