Birthday Gifts

Birthday Wishlist


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I’m totally ready for the holidays! Gifts are bought, my home is decorated, the outfits for Christmas, Birthday and New Year’s Eve are ready, and my bank account is empty. And despite the financial troubles this month, I’m still happy. Everything around me is colorful and shiny. My favorite holidays and lots of presents are waiting for me, and believe me, I adore to receive gifts. I love that sense of curiosity as I untie the beautiful ribbon and carefully open the present so as not to tear the beautiful glossy paper. That is why I prepared for another year my gift wishlist.

1. Book

You can’t go wrong with that gift. Recently, I have read more books on my Kindle which I received as a gift for my last birthday, so if you want to give me something on paper, I want something with a lot of illustrations / pictures and it’s something about fashion.

2. Stand Mixer

The first sign that you are getting older is that you start asking for home appliances as a gift. Sorry, but my friends are getting tired of eating pancakes always when they come to my home. I want to make some sweets as well, and I can cook them good just like the pancakes, so break the cash box and buy me a mixer. Please.

3. Curling Wand

Now you can see that I am not so old and still want to take care of my appearance, so here is the number three gift wish. I need a new Curling wand. The old one has begun to quit, and in the last months, the waves have become my favorite hairstyle.

4. Festival Ticket.

Give me experience with lots of music and dancing until sunrise. You know I can’t dance, I’m actually dancing like a big tree, but I love it very much. And I love to go to festivals as well. Unfortunately, last summer, I couldn’t get to one, so fingers crossed that next year I will be able to visit at least one.

5. Spa Weekend

Another gift I ask for every year. There is nothing better than running away from all the stress, work, and problems and go to a cozy spa hotel to have some rest and just be lazy while other people take care of me.