Birthday Wishlist


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Only a month until my birthday! I’m turning 30. And what is a holiday without lots of gifts? So I decided to share a list of things I like, but I never buy and just move them from one wishlist to another.

1. Huge scarf
I won’t lie I don’t have any scarves. I have a lot, but they are never enough. I like to be warm and cozy and lately, I’m going crazy about the huge scarves. And if it’s plaid, you will earn bonus points.

2. Bangle.
I have tons of earrings, necklaces, and rings, but I still forget to buy bracelets. So if you decided to make me happy and buy me a jewel, it have to be a bangle.
3. Makeup Brushes.
I have one brush for blush and one for shadows. I used to buy a nice set of quality makeup brushes, but I do not know why I’m postponing for the next paycheck. And so on.
4. Clinique 3-Step skin care
Over the years I’ve tried many face products, but none of them makes my skin so smooth and fresh. If you want to buy me cosmetics, this is a perfect choice.
5. Coffee cup
Just because I love coffee. And I want new favorite cup.
6. Notebook
I have some kind of obsession with notebooks. Besides, I’ve always preferred to take notes on paper rather than on the phone. A beautiful notebook and pen are a wonderful idea for a gift.
7. Classic watch
The watch is a favorite accessory. I have two favorite watches, but I want to get a new one with a classic, elegant and simple design.
In conclusion, I want to say that gifts are not the most important thing for a birthday. A nice gesture of attention is worth more than the most expensive gifts. When a someone important to for you, have a holiday, show them how much you care about them and make them feel special. Love and attention – these are the most beautiful gifts.