7 Items I Need For My Vacation

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A little more than a week left to the vacation and I do not know how I will survive until then. I can’t wait to get to the sea and I’ve already planned everything. I think my whole vacation will be spent on the beach and … and nothing else. The beaches south of Bourgas are waiting for me, and I can already imagine how I walk on the hot sand. I want to share with you the seven items I need for a perfect vacation.

1. One-piece Swimsuit.

Le boyfriend doesn’t approve, but I can’t stop looking at them on the shop windows. I adore the one-piece swimsuits and I’m so glad that they’re a top trend at the moment.

2. Beach Dress.

Light, loose and very comfortable, perfect for long beach walks or going to the beach-bar when I have to recharge with cold cocktails.

3. Embroidered Espadrille Flats.

I had on my wishlist some red espadrilles with strawberries application from the H&M discounts, but they were already gone when I wanted to order them. Now I’m looking for something like that.

4. Statement Sunhat.

You’ve probably seen the holiday shots of Instagram fashion influencers, wearing those cool summer hats with the words “Do not disturb”, “Beach please” or something like that. That’s exactly what I want!

5. Round Beach Towel.

I want one since last summer. It looks so cool and bohemian, and I can sit on the towel with some friends and play cards or other games.

6. Huge Inflatable Float.

Last summer, I wanted a flamingo or swan, but now I saw the cactus, the watermelon, and the unicorn, and I fell in love with all of them. Whatever I choose, I do not know if it will come into use because in August the sea is not very friendly but it will be great for the pool.

7. Straw Bag

What is summer without the cool straw beach bag to hold all the necessary and unnecessary items? Beach towels, lotions, games, etc. have to find their place in some huge and beautiful summer bag.

What’s on your summer vacation wishlist? Write me a comment in the box below. And if your wishlist matches mine, I’d be happy if you share this post.