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32 First Impressions


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Even though it’s unbelievable, today I turned 32. Initially, I was going to write a post “32 facts about me” on my birthday, but then I decided to let others talk about me. I asked 32 friends and acquaintances what was the first thing they thought about me when we first met. It turned out that some of my closest friends didn’t really like me when we met and I am very happy they have given me a second chance to make a good impression.  I have met all these people in different periods of my life, but unfortunately, I didn’t have time to sort their first impressions in chronological order. Here are the answers I received:

1. How boring you are. We even asked Dobi, where did she found grumpy like you, and she convinced us how cool you really are. But you were really hardheaded too – you didn’t like the place, but you didn’t even mind going away.

2. I really liked you at the moment I saw you. I’ve appreciated your resting bitch face and I realized we will become friends.

3. That you have so long legs and terrible taste for style (8th grade though).

4. How colorful and different you are, loving to make photos, funny and smiling.

5. You’ve got a taste of the style and that you’re a girl with who I’m going to go out and have fun.

6. My first impression was that you looked slightly prideful, kind of “you have to be careful with me otherwise I would destroy you.” Then we went to London together and I saw how cool you are and now we are two little kittens.

7. Chameleon. Super Changing Personality. Colorful and crazy. I do not remember exactly when we met, so that was an impression created in several meetings.

8. Yes, I am for the Chameleon too, that’s a very good definition, but I would also add that you are a rebel, an artist with a great taste of fashion, raised with a good heart. A multilayered person!

9. If I don’t like someone at the beginning, I don’t keep on communicating with them, so I think it was a good first impression. I’ve actually seen you before we know each other – you were having a café every day in the lunch break from me when I was a bartender.

10. My first impression was when I first met you in the Pepe Jeans store: extravagant, artistic, creative, different.

11. My first memory of you is when I was a little girl. Your parents had sent pictures to my mother, and there was one photo of you wearing a purple tracksuit and a hairstyle like Natalie Portman in Leon.

12. You seemed to be really shy.

13. Very cool chick with a slightly mystical and curious look.

14. Terribly prideful and haughty. You didn’t talk to anybody, and you left quickly. But it turned out you are actually cool.

15. Stylish chick.

16. Yep, Theresa really has crazy friends.

17. A strange colorful woman.

18. OMG! What a crazy girl!

19. With all the gray people you were like a colorful spot.

20. You were wearing some baggy jeans and your hair was short and I thought “What a beautiful girl, why is she dressing like a boy?”

21. I was watching you for about 10 minutes and trying to figure out if your lashes are real.

Birthday Girl with number balloons

22. It is not exactly first, but for several days in a row. I was impressed that every time you looked so different (and cool) as if you were another person.

23. This chick is so overdosing with that solarium thing so that she turned orange. I’m glad you stopped with this bullshit!

24. Well, I have some memories, but not much. You were so smiley. I had not even met a person with such a wide and sunny smile.

25. How boring is that girl! And why she doesn’t talk to anyone?

26. That you are funny and smiling and you have very beautiful red hair. Fire Girl!

27. You were very beautiful and stylish and you looked like a Hollywood star. I even felt uncomfortable to stay near you with my shaggy hair, and with no makeup.

28. Well, I only remember that you were with your friend, who was very beautiful and I actually wanted to meet her. Sorry.

29. That chick drinks more than a man.

30. I liked you very much from the first time because you were kind and smiling and very radiant and when you ordered you said “please” and “thank you”.

31. When I saw you, I thought how good you looked, but I didn’t like you at first. But on one of your birthdays, we had to be in the same bunch and we had a chat. It turned out you are actually not a bad person.

32. My first impression was “She is so fucking cool! I hope Therese will not dump me for her!”

Birthday Girl with number balloons