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Valentine’s Day is coming next week and I must post something about love. My first thought was to make list with gift ideas, but there are too many posts like that. I won’t tell you stories about my boyfriend, who I love, nor about my beloved cat, or even my love for the food. Today I want to tell you about the different way to loving myself.

That photoshoot was very important to me, so I am thankful to Quivo for the beautiful lingerie. I wanted to make photos like these for a very long time but I never did. The truth is I was too ashamed of my body. I’ve heard people say I’m too skinny, I’m a skeleton, and so on. When I was a teenager I was wearing only baggy clothes to hide my body and it took me a long time to love what I am. Yes, I am very far from perfection, I am not the best beauty, I don’t have the perfect measures, but I like what I am and I wouldn’t change anything.

So I want to tell you: Girls, love yourself first! Love your bodies, whether you are overweight, skinny, high or short! Love yourself no matter whether you eat without getting fat or you get fat without any eating. And if someone tells you that you are not beautiful, just laugh and go away, because that is not true. Love yourself the way you want the others to love you. Look yourself in the mirror every morning, when you are sleepy, with shaggy hair and no makeup, and tell yourself you are the most beautiful girl. Buy for yourself a beautiful gift, you deserve it! Buy for yourself something beautiful and feminine that will make you feel sexy in your skin.

For me, I chose a set of hot red underwear. And what will be the gift you will buy for yourself? Share in a comment.


Photos: Wild Shooter

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